Time of the year

Canola fields in the Overberg. Love the sky lights.

Yes; we do like our wines

Stanford is within South Africa an insignificant role player in the wine industry but abroad the wines can virtually only be found in upmarket restaurants and specialized liquor stores/wine-boutiques.

That has a reason; don’t you think?

Yes, we don’t only like our wines; we love them!!!


Strength and Hope in the Village

A heartbreaking story of a Mother: I love it here.

Love Your Self Weekend; for women only


via Leli.

Greetings from all who love their school!

Students of Funimfundo in informal settlement Die Kop near Stanford certainly love their school!

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Romancing the Flower

Clarissa, one of the ‘girls’ of the Stanford Hotel, likes to go into the open. She loves flowers and one night, when she was off duty, she fell in love …

A Love Affair

Our garden is one very intensive love-affair…:
Everything we always wanted to know about SEX …. between plants but never dared to ask……..