Weekend Greetings from the road to Papiesvlei


Mud River Sunrise Weekend Greetings

Modder Rivier (Mud River) is a small farming community just outside Stanford along the Papiesvlei Road.


Refreshing Greetings from Stanford

More about this hidden paradise -so glad it’s private and not mentioned in any travel publication- in Stanford: click here (opens in new window). But there are places similar (but not as diverse) in Stanford that are more accessible for a wider public such as the hiking trails with waterfall at Salmonsvlei Dam along the Papiesvlei Road and Pigs Snout along the road to Hermanus. Just ask the local tourism bureau in Stanford. This ‘Garden of Eden’ however, we like to keep to ourselves. It just accentuates the choice for Stanford as ‘Best Village Destination in South Africa’._DSC1987web

Not a GM Cow

Sometimes we, like most people we guess, don’t see things in perspective. ‘Minor’ items getting out of proportions and priorities mixed up.

Adobe Photoshop (Ps) is an outstanding tool to express one’s ‘proportional’ feelings. Yesterday we saw our village (Stanford, South Africa) in a different perspective resulting in the remake of the main road (Victoria Street) as seen from Moore Street and it went fully out of control and we just let it go. What you see, for example, in the background is not a GM cow but a Ps Cow. With thanks to farmers in farm workers of Papiesvlei for ‘abusing’ their infrastructural works, properties and ‘free range’ livestock…