Not a GM Cow

Sometimes we, like most people we guess, don’t see things in perspective. ‘Minor’ items getting out of proportions and priorities mixed up.

Adobe Photoshop (Ps) is an outstanding tool to express one’s ‘proportional’ feelings. Yesterday we saw our village (Stanford, South Africa) in a different perspective resulting in the remake of the main road (Victoria Street) as seen from Moore Street and it went fully out of control and we just let it go. What you see, for example, in the background is not a GM cow but a Ps Cow. With thanks to farmers in farm workers of Papiesvlei for ‘abusing’ their infrastructural works, properties and ‘free range’ livestock…

Battle of the Giants

Yesterday we published about our first experience with Adobe Photoshop (as part of Adobe CS6 Premium Production software). Today we show you our second attempt of composing a new picture with this software. It’s slightly better (we named it ‘Battle of the Giants’) and it tells more of an imaginary story. Still a long way to go. In a few months or so we hope to show you some real progress.

In the background (main picture) our village (Stanford, South Africa)  by night. Added elements are partly the same (FABRIKK Gassenschau, Switzerland, enormously entertaining even if you don’t understand Swiss/German) and partly taken in and around our house (plants, wooden dog, lampshade).

It’s a low resolution picture but if you want a high resolution one for FREE just send your email address to greenc2 -at- me -dot- com.


And here: Battle of the Giants -Part 2 (Attack of the planets)

Moon Harvest

Last week a new iMac was delivered together with Adobe CS6 Premium Production software which includes amongst others Premiere Pro (movie editing) and Photoshop. All together a very extensive software program and it will take a few months before we can master the majority of possibilities. This week we started to ‘play’ with Photoshop. Amazing to experience how we were able to manipulate pictures and we are just at the beginning of the exploration. The very low resolution photo assemble you see at the top is just an example. Note: the original Moon picture (see below and made with Sony Alpha77 VQ with Sigma 70-300 lens) was a 20MB file and the additions (snapshots with Sony Cybershot) 75KB each. That explains why the end result is far from perfect but it provides at least an indication of the direction we’re looking into: creating art posters in limited editions. It will take at least 6 to 8 months before we start marketing these via online shops in amongst others the USA and the African Continent. Here are the pictures of which the featured photograph is assembled:

Main picture made from our verandah in Stanford, South Africa. Shot in RAW format with Sony A77VQ (original 20MB file)
Actors; shot with snap shooter during performance of FABRIKK (outdoor theatre spectacle) in Winterthur, Switzerland.
Director: shot with snap shooter during performance of FABRIKK (outdoor theatre spectacle) in Winterthur, Switzerland.
Low resolution picture made with Sony Cybershop (our snapshooter) in Stanford, South Africa
‘Butterfly Brigitte’ shot with snap shooter during performance of FABRIKK (outdoor theatre spectacle) in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Flowers in our garden


Except for the Youtubes you find in the left collumn we made more of those. The latest one “Flowers in our Garden” is one we really like to promote. The Green Cathedral of South Africa is not a tourist attraction but we really want to share it all with you. All pictures in this YouTube are made with a Sony Snapshooter and edited as is (no photoshopping) with freeware. In the very near future we will work with a professional (video/photo) camera plus an Apple with Adobe CS6 Premium Production that includes amongst other Photoshop and PremierePro. It will take a a few months of playing and a few extra months sweat and tears but than …. well we’ll keep you informed.