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Also directly available at Studio98 in Napier, South Africa.

Here she is!!! — Herman van Bon Photography

Yvonne de Wit Jewellery designer in Napier, South Africa. Designs and create (handmade) jewellery of mainly South African Sterling Silver (sometimes also copper) and combined with natural bonded pigmented earth minerals. These are solely available at Studio98 along the main road in Napier. Yvonne is unique in that. See also instagram: @yvonnedewitjewelry I know her […]

Here she is!!! — Herman van Bon Photography


Not many colourful birds in the Overberg as in some parts of the Americas or Asia, etc. but here is one of the few exceptions: the Paradise flycatcher.

Planning a long Eastern Weekend in the Overberg?

Well ….. There is this guest room at Studio98 along the main road in Napier. The guest room is known at the Banana House and has its own secluded and safe parking in the back. The Banana House is separated from the main house by a courtyard with splash pool; it sleeps 2 and is minimalistic decorated. But what’s more? It has its own water wise succulent garden where guests are bragging about PLUS it is one of the highest rated (by guests via booking.com) accommodations in the Overberg. Book directly and save money ( R750.00 instead of R 850.00.00 per night via third parties). Minimum stay: 2 nights. If you book 4 nights the fourth night is for free. For more: https://studioon98.art/the-guest-room/

For bookings: email greenc2 -at- me.com

For your agenda: Concert in the courtyard

A concert to look forward to.

Only 20 people admitted (COVID-regulations)

Every three months Studio98 in Napier organises a concert in the courtyard and this is the fourth one. Previous ones all sold out a few weeks in advance. BTW only prepaid bookings. Inbox me with your contact details if you want to attend.

Admission fee includes cover charge and generous lunch.

In the meantime ….

In the meantime in Napier, South Africa.

A veld fire with the surface of Table Mountain (if not: more).

The Overberg Fire Brigade including local farmers and their employees are keeping their heads cool. And then the local community supplying the fire fighters with food, drinks and fruit. After all Napier is a village where, out of tradition, people help each other.

The White Nguni of Napier

In Zulu culture ‘White is the colour of the ancestors, diviners and protection against lightning. As a result of this significance any white calf born in the byre of a commoner was automatically given to the king’.

In Napier, South Africa, recently a virtually white Nguni calf was born. Unfortunately (fortunately for the owner) Shaka Zulu does not live anymore.

A bit of India in the Overberg

(Mother and daughter Brahman)


Good Morning in The Overberg, South Africa.