YouTube Stanford Part 2

This morning we compiled a slideshow of recently made pictures in Stanford. Most of these are not published in this blog. We added them to our YouTube channel. It’s a low resolution presentation of the village with its nightlife (not much), some of its buildings, dogs and candid portraits of some villagers in the local coffee corner at Morton Street. See for yourself and enjoy!


Weekend Greetings ….

…. and the wish to you for a great Festive Season, a Merry Christmas and a joyful 2014. We’ll be back in 2014.

Below the main image a gallery with some of the published pictures of this year. It’s village life in rural natural pace. Enjoy!


Herman & Yvonne



Sunrise in De Bruyn Street

The early morning walk with our dog is always full of visual surprises. One of these is the wide variety of sunrises visible from our street. Our street is De Bruyn Street; named after Pieter de Bruyn who bought the property of Sir Robert Stanford, the name-giver of our little village. Photographer/author Annalize Mouton succeeded in capturing village life in the book “Portrait of a Village” which is for sale at the local Tourism Bureau (Stanford Info) in the main Victoria Street. This book, published to honour 150 years of Stanford provides the reader with a lovely insight in the history and contemporary life in the village. Just in case you’re interested.

For now: some photo’s I shot during an early morning doggy street walk last week.



_DSC5837_DSC5829 _DSC5832

The Country Fair 22-24 June

Don’t miss this opportunity. More in this Portfolio Blog with “this interesting link“.

Get a taste of true Village Life.

Wit amongst others Arno Cartens and Vaillant Swart (guess where he lives…).

You are Welcome.