Weekend Greetings from the village with a wonderful moonsetting


Cricket on the Village Green

There is this annual tradition of a cricket tournament in the Village Green in the centre of the village. This year it attracted more people as usual for there were a few South African sport celebrities as a rugby- and a cricket star but those we did not photograph (that’s for the local paparazzi 😉 ). More interesting was the soap-bubble and the non-celebrities drinking beer in a tub.


Weekend Greetings from one of those unspoiled spots around the village


Weekend Greetings from The Village Hawk

(Harrier Hawk, daily circling above the village and resting in the neighbour’s tree)


The centre of the village …

… is the place of worship.


Weekend greetings from both sides of the village

Although South Africa is since 1994 regarded as a Rainbow Nation; history still is very much alive …. The ‘White’ part of the village lives in cocoons and the other part is colourful …

Weekend Greetings from THE Sunset village


Weekend Greetings from the Village South Africa is talking about


Weekend Greetings from …..

…… the ‘Flockers’. Just a reminder to the Flocktober Festival next weekend in our village and don’t forget the international Bird Fair with ornithologists of fame from all over. The Bird Fair starts this weekend and ends 6 October. More info via the local tourism bureau (Stanford Info)_DSC3571WEB

Weekend Greetings from the biggest Dog in the Village