Winter in South Africa. It’s cold and in the countryside many on the farms make a fire to keep warm while working on the land. Seemingly unaware of the effect: smoke stretching for about 15 kilometers between mountains and river/lagoon before disappearing above the ocean.


Winter Weekend Greetings from the aloes in ….

Aloe greetings from …

…. our wonderful village, somewhere in nowhere between Hermanuspietersfontein and Ganzegat (original names for Hermanus and Gansbaai in the Western Cape, South Africa). It’s Winter and that is for this part of the world the season that many endemic plants such as aloes are flowering.

You are welcome to enjoy!


Winter Weekend Greetings from Stanford, South Africa


Dutch Apple Pudding

When the Dutch came to South Africa a few centuries ago they took with them the ‘Potjie’ but seemingly forgot to take the recipe for apple pudding. A new generation did not forget and last night we re-introduced this delicious Winter desert with three South African friends here in Stanford in the Western Cape. And this is the basic recipe which you can alter (more or less of the different ingredients) just to make it to your own personal taste.

What you need and do (4 persons) is 6 apples of which you take the skin off and the crown out. Put these each on a teaspoon butter on an oven tray. Take per apple 1 spoon sugar/cinnamon mix (50/50) and fill up the crown. Top each crown off with another teaspoon of butter. Drip a bit of pure lemon juice on top of each apple. The tray goes into a pre-heated oven (180 degrees C or  356 degrees F) for approx. 40 minutes of which the last 5-10 minutes combined with the grill.

For the custart: 6 spoons of custard, six spoons sugar, one sachet vanilla suger and a small handfull of grated lemon skin plus 6 dl milk. Mix it and keep on stirring on the fire until it’s getting stiff.

The final touch: Pour the custart over the apples and serve. Within 5 minutes the tray and the plates are empty. Promise!!!


NOTE: The Afrikaners may have forgotten the recipe for the apple-pudding but the Dutch forgot all about the ‘Potjie’