Shooting on the river

  The world looks different from the water; one can look upon a river with his/her    feet on the ground but a view from the river itself is different. Last Sunday friends of us organised a party and we took the opportunity for a boatride on the Klein River (little river); the name not because that the river is narrow -it’s wider than de Breede (wide) River- but because the source is in a birds eye view very nearby the estuary. Farmer Russel Metcalf lives his life along the Klein River and it is he who guides us as ‘captain’ through a wonderful part of South Africa in slow pace. There is an abundance of bird life (143 breeding bird species) and nature unfolds itself with wildlife (Sprink bucks etc.) along the shores; no power boats or waterskiers; just the occasional canoers who enjoy their ride as much as we do. Every now and than Russel turns of the tsjook-tsjook engine of the boat and whispers: “Sigh ……….. isn’t that wonderful”.





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