Low flying

Blackheaded Heron


Some Haiku Photography — Studio 98

Some Haiku photography More via https://elementaryposters.com/haiku-photography/ (including the haikus and explanation) The Haiku photo’s are on display at Studio98 in Napier, South Africa.

Some Haiku Photography — Studio 98

Synergy on the farm

Very Down to Earth — Studio 98

The land we live on has an enormous variety of soils. Not only classified as clay, loam or sand, etcetera or sized in categories from 10-30 mu onwards. Have you ever looked at the diversity of colours? Yvonne de Wit has a stock of hundreds of different soils, all cleaned of organic material and graded […]

Very Down to Earth — Studio 98

New instagram account and more — Studio 98

Slowly we are changing our social media presence. Yes; we are planning events at Studio98 and more about that when the program is ready. In the meantime check our new Instagram account: @studio98napier Facebook account https://www.facebook.com/StudioOn98 is in the process of revitalising. One of the ideas is a facebook shop. Keep track! Studio98 is located […]

New instagram account and more — Studio 98

Wonderful collaboration between artists in Napier, South Africa and Kenya. — Studio on 98

Kenyan model Rachel Shabaan likes to show off Yvonne’s extraordinary jewellery. This time a necklace and an earring handmade of South African Sterling Silver combined with her own design ceramic elements; shaped and painted by me in the workshop of nearby Muddylane Pottery Thank you Madeleine).Model: Rachel Shabaan Photo made and processed (with textures in […]

Wonderful collaboration between artists in Napier, South Africa and Kenya. — Studio on 98

The Kelp Collectors

At ‘The Great White Restaurant’ in Kleinbaai the Chef knows how to utilise kelp in the dishes.

‘Pro Christo’

Wishing all in the Overberg (South Africa) and the rest of the world a peaceful Christmas and a Happy 2021.

Pictured (with added graphics) is the old church (named: ‘Pro Christo’) somewhere in nowhere in the Overberg.

At the Caledon Museum