Good Morning in the Overberg

And them some people thin that the best South African wine originate in Stellenbosch ….

Sunrise in the Overberg

Good Morning in the Overberg

African Feet — Studio 98

‘African Feet’ was for the first time presented at the UNESCO exhibition ‘The Invisible Visible’ in 2017/18 in Oslo Norway. Studio98 resident Herman van Bon was, together with 127 other photographers from around the globe, selected to participate in this exhibition. Except for ‘African Feet’ two of his other works were shown; ‘Shopping in Hopland’ […]

African Feet — Studio 98

Herman van Bon lives with his wife jewellery designer Yvonne de Wit in Napier, South Africa. Both present their work there in Studio98 along the main road.

Evening in the Overberg

Good Morning in Bredasdorp


Good Morning in the Overberg, South Africa.

What a beautiful Overberg evening

One of the reasons driving rural pace in the country side